Emma Gray graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, in 2001, where her tutors included Jenny Seville, David Hepher, Jock McFadden, Bruce McLean and Paul Richards. During her time at The Slade Emma also won several awards there for her work in landscape.

Emma’s work has explored both the Figurative and Landscape aspects of painting, but has concentrated on landscape since moving to Scotland in 2001, in the first instance Edinburgh and now in Dumfries and Galloway. Emma has had several exhibitions in Edinburgh, including ones at The Scottish Arts Club, Valvona & Crolla and Edinburgh Castle.

She has also previously exhibited with the Randolph Gallery and the Tartan Gallery, and currently the Laurel Gallery in Edinburgh. She has works included in the collections of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottish and Newcastle and David Murray Holdings, and is represented in private collections in Australia, the Middle East and the USA as well as Britain.


  • Homeground at The Scottish Arts Club
    (with Laura Gressani)
  • Laurel Gallery Festival Exhibition
  • Tartan Gallery Spring Exhibition
  • Edinburgh Art Fair


  • Italian Paintings at Valvona & Crolla
  • Food Studies at Vin Caffe
  • Edinburgh Art Fair
  • Tartan Gallery Christmas Exhibition


  • Edinburgh Paintings at The Castle of Edinburgh
  • Randolph Gallery Festival Exhibition
  • Edinburgh Art Fair
  • Tartan Gallery Christmas Exhibition


  • New Landscapes at Albany Arts
  • Tartan Gallery Festival Exhibition


  • Open Studio at Albany Arts


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- Italian Paintings

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- Edinburgh Paintings

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